Healthy breakfast!



Breakfast every day. 

It is proofed scientologically that breakfast is the most important meal, especially for kids.  It contributes to a good nutritional prestation.  Did you know that in Belgium only 1 of the adults takes a balanced breakfast?  One in 6 adults never has breakfast!


Have a healthy and balanced breakfast!

The ideal breakfast consist of different sorts of indispensable foods: a cereal product, a dairy product and a piece of fresh fruit or fresh juice.  Kids need carbohydrates, to fill their bodies with energy, proteins for growth and building up the muscles, fats and fibres for a good intestinal transit, vitamins B, C , D and A, and especially minerals (calcium and iron).


Sweet energy!

Honey, known for its sweetness, is rediscovered through out the whole world as a source of natural energy and a part of the adequat nurturing.

Honey is a very useful source of carbohydrates, that gives energy and a very rich sweet taste.  Honey contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and anti-oxidants.  Meli honey is for 2/3 fructose and glucose.  These are immediately taken in to our bodies without a break off process.

Meli honey is a source of direct energy!

The sweetness of 100g honey is equal to 120g of sugar.  Use a bit less honey, to lower the calories.  One spoon is 12 gramm 100 gramm of honey is 1340kJ or 320kcal (100 gramm of sugar is 400kcal).
Do not speak of gingerbread when talking about Meli honey cake.   
Gingerbread is sweatened with sugar.  Meli honey cake is processed with the one and only Meli honey.  This shows immediately when tasting:  only Meli honey cake has its own full and natural taste.

Meli honey cake contains no cholesterol, no colouring, no conservatives and only 0,5g fatt. It does contain a lot of fibres and iron.  And a lot of energy, as honey, same as fruit, contains a lot of healthy carbohydrates!

With breakfast, as a break or for a cosy pampering moment.  To take to school or at work, for energy when sporting. Presliced or not. With sugar or with classic brown crust.  Or individually wrapped.


Meli Chocolate spread.  A healthy alternative.

A real specialty, loved by children and adults.  Made with real belgian chocolate, a lot of milk and natural Meli honey. On a loaf of bread, with dessert, in coffee or milk.   

Low energetic value of 385kcal for 100g Meli chocolate spread, also light in fatts (13,2g per 100g chocolate spread). Do compare with other brand products!