About honey

Honey is back, but never really went away.

100 % natural functional food increasingly popular.

In times of high-tech margarines, vitaminised drinks and alpha and omega enriched soy burgers, more and more people (re)discover honey as natural functional food. At Meli, the leading Belgian honey manufacturer since 1932, we have known for a long time that the household remedy from the old days is back from never really having been away.

Since time immemorial all kinds of possible and impossible properties have been attributed to the delicious bread spread. Popular belief? Placebo effect? Sometimes. But numerous qualities of honey have in the mean time been proved beyond doubt by scientists. And the same scientists have also examined surprising new uses.

Honey & use of honey

Prevent, pamper and prepare with honey.
Meli is at home on all your tables. Creamy solid Meli on your breakfast table to pamper your bread.
On the kitchen table, where a squeeze of liquid Meli turns everyday preparations into something special.

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Honey in your daily life

Used as a sweetener for centuries, honey is nowadays rediscovered all over the world as a source of natural energy and a component of a balanced diet. Sugars are sources of physical energy.

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