Honey and use of honey

Prevent, pamper and prepare with honey.
Meli is at home on all your tables. Creamy solid Meli on your breakfast table to pamper your bread.
On the kitchen table, where a squeeze of liquid Meli turns everyday preparations into something special.
There is a Meli honey for every occasion. In the shop or supermarket, at the chemist’s or in the specialist shop. Because honey is often the right solution. And after a while: a good habit.

Energy value of honey

Does honey contain many calories?
It is indeed a fact that honey has a significant calorific value.
It is also a fact that these calories are not empty calories but immediately available energy. This is one of the reasons why sportsmen use honey so often.

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Honey and antioxidants

It is a known fact that antioxidants help to protect our health. It is for example recommended to eat at least 5 portions of vegetables and fruit a day as part of a varied diet.

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Honey and babyfood

Using honey is a good habit and fits into a balanced diet for adults and children. However, it is not an essential part of baby food. Like raw milk and other uncooked food products, honey is not recommended for infants under 12 months of age.

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To keep honey

Honey is a product of the sun which does not like the cold inside a refrigerator.
Honey is best kept in a dark place where it is not too warm (+/- 18°C).
Also make sure that the jar or bottle is kept well closed as honey easily attracts odours and strong flavours of vegetables and fruit.


As honey contains glucose, diabetics should consult their dietician on the use of honey.
Meli has developed a special syrup with a honey flavour.
This syrup is specially made with diabetic-friendly sugars, namely fructose, sorbitol and natural honey flavour. It does not cause any sudden peaks in the sugar level and is therefore recommended for diabetics who have a sweet tooth.


Honey is a 100% natural product with nothing added or taken away, as is prescribed by law. Like other natural products, honey may nevertheless contain residues, minuscule traces of foreign substances.

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Honey facts

All you need to know about honey.

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