Industry & Retail

Meli offers honey and honey products, as well as ingredient for industry, as directly to the consumer.

Industrial manufacturing

More and more the intrinsic natural qualities of honey are put at stake to give other nutritional products more value. The use of a natural and highly rated ingredient as honey offers producers and their products an intrinsic value. Meli offers his customers a variety of honey tastes, which are permanently on stock and can be delivered to them very flexibly.

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Entrance check

Each bath of honey delivered at Meli is screened against several parameters.These analyses can be carried out both in the in-house lab and externally. Only after release by the lab can the batches in question be processed.

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Consumer Packaging

Meli offers the consumer an extensive range of honey and honey products (honey cake, honey waffles, chocolate spread with honey, honey candy…). These products are offered under various brand names through diverse sales channels.

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Tested and approved

Meli tries to give his consumers as much garanties as possible. That is why honey, a natural product, which is subject to possible fluctuations in quality, is severely checked when entering the factory.
There is also a perfect tractability of the honey from raw material to finished product.

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For offers, or any additional information, you can contact:

MELI sales
Danny Dewaele
Tel. 0032 58 310 310