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Strawberry soufflé with honey cake

  • Time: 20 minutes
  • Number of persons: 4

How to make:

Cut 4 slices of honey cake in cubes and let them dry in a warm oven (180°C). Mix 200 g of strawberries in a blender. Mingle 150g egg white with 50g sugar and whip. Whip 200cl of cream, and stir everything togheter with a handful of dried honey cake crusts and a little lemon. Freeze and ready.
Serve with whipped cream and some crusts


  • 1 slice of honey cake Meli
  • 200g strawberries
  • 50g sugar
  • white of 6 eggs
  • 200cl cream
  • lemon juice (according to taste)
  • whipped cream