Meli searches for the best honey all over the world. To get the best taste and quality, we get it directly from the beekeeper.

Original honey
from Meli.

At Meli, we know what connoisseurs want: impeccable quality and variety. These honeys are the fruit of our adventures in Europe discovering exciting regional honey specialties.

Original honey
from Meli.

At Meli, we know what connoisseurs want: impeccable quality and variety. These honeys are the fruit of our adventures in Europe discovering exciting regional honey specialties.
Direct from the tastiest regions of Europe
Algarve Andalucia Sicily Champagne


Bem-vindo ao Algarve! Let your tastebuds tingle with this artisan cream honey from Portugal’s Algarve region.
Welcome to Algarve
Algarve is one of Europe’s favorite destinations for young and old, which is no surprise because this region truly has a lot to offer, from beautiful flora and fauna to idyllic blue water and pearly white beaches. And the icing on the cake? A rich biodiversity that ensures that the honeybees make the tastiest honey.
The taste of nature
Smooth, fruity honey that adds a unique touch to any dish. This honey owes its rich taste to the immense biodiversity of the Algarve region in Portugal.
Serving tips
Invite the sun into your home with this delicious Portuguese honey. This original honey from Algarve is a real winner in both savory dishes and sweet desserts. Popular local favourites include custard tarts (pasteis de nata) with honey and sweet almond-honey pastries.


Sun, sea, gelato and honey of course! This soft cream honey will make you long for the summertime and the wonderful dolce far niente feeling of Italy.
Welcome to Sicily
Mmmm… The wonderful dolce far niente feeling of Italy. Those who seek out warmer destinations soon find themselves in beautiful Sicily, where the sun, delicious food and unique sense of life will enchant you. Because of the warm climate, the original honey from this region is sometimes harvested at altitudes of up to 1000 metres.
The taste of the sun
Delicious sweet honey with a truly rich taste experience that will raise temperatures in no time.
Serving tips
Serve ciabatta bread with honey and thyme, a hearty dish of pasta on your terrace... or maybe an ice cream sundae with nuts and honey as dessert? This original honey from Sicily will take you to dreamland.


Transport yourself to the south of Spain with this soft floral honey from Andalusia.
Welcome to Andalusia
The southern region of Andalusia is known the world over as the cradle of flamenco music and for its contested annual bullfighting tradition. Thanks to its Mediterranean climate, it has a rich biodiversity and wildflowers grow virtually everywhere; the ideal feeding grounds for honeybees.
Un sabor y aroma puro
Light and tasty honey with a typical mild aroma of the campos de mil flores (fields of a thousand flowers).
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Serving tips
When you say Spain, say tapas! And yes, this honey goes perfectly with a soft cheese like manchego or a piece of chorizo. PS: Want to add a sweet touch to the sauce for your albondigas (Spanish meatballs)? Add a few spoonfuls of this honey!


Du vin, du pain et du miel ! Tasty floral honey from the Champagne region of France.
Welcome to the Champagne region!
La Champagne, the region of northeastern France, is well known for its vineyards, but it also offers its bees an unbelievable diversity of flowers and blossoms. It is an ideal place for our favorite pollinators.
Le goût, c’est tout
The naturally pure honey from the Champagne region has a soft, fruity taste. Once in your mouth, it reveals a fine caramel flavour with a hint of floral aroma.
Serving tips
Putting on a wine and cheese evening? This honey should be definitely be part of it. Thanks to its soft fruity taste, the honey lends an additional tasting experience to both soft and spicy cheeses. It’s definitely worth a try!

Direct from the beekeeper

At Meli, we love authentic, local products.
That’s why we get our honey directly from the beekeeper.
This is how we guarantee the extraordinary taste of our honey and limit the number of kilometres the products travel.

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Contents: 375 g
Average nutritional value per 100 g:

Calories 1360 kJ
Total Fat
Saturated Fat
0,1 g
0 g
Total sugars
79,3 g
79,3 g
Eiwitten 0,5 g
Salt 0,015 g
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