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Meli honey and honey products are available for retail as well as for food service (restaurants) and industry.

You can request small and large quantities of honey from Meli: from honey sticks, individual portions and bulk packaging in cartons and buckets to IBC and silos.

Meli for retail

Meli products are very popular retail items. Discover all Meli honey products by pressing the button below.

Meli for foodservice

In the food service industry, Meli honey products are a sweet added value. Meli has an extensive selection for the food service industry.

Meli for industry

Meli provides honey for industrial processing, in very large and somewhat smaller quantities: from buckets to silos.

How Meli guarantees the best quality 

Meli strives for the best quality for all clients. All the honey products are processed in the state-of-the-art Meli factory in Veurne. To guarantee the very best quality, Meli screens every batch of honey that comes in. The honey, which is sourced directly from the beekeepers, is tested at various times and with very diverse parameters before it is purchased, processed or packaged.

Every batch of honey is tested both in our own laboratory and by external agencies, with different parameters: the composition of the sugars in the honey, moisture content, enzymes (diastase), colour, traces of pesticide and/or antibiotics, etc.

Voldoet de honing aan alle eisen? Pas dan gaat het lot honing in verwerking.

Carefully selected

Own laboratory

Extensive testing

Modern technology offers solid quality guarantees

Since 2016, Meli has utilized an NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) instrument. Thanks to this advanced technology, we’re able to guarantee the purity and traceability of the honey. The NMR instrument is a food screening device that creates an identity profile card of every batch of Meli honey and thus guarantees the authenticity, quality, freshness and origin of the honey at all times.

Certified honey supplier

Meli has several certificates from external inspection agencies:

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