Meli products

Meli is at home on all your tables. Creamy solid Meli on your breakfast table to pamper your bread. On the kitchen table, where a squeeze of liquid Meli turns everyday preparations into something special.  

Honey cake

Honey sweets

Chanflor honey

Royal jelly

Liquid honey

Clear golden honey with the rich bouquet of fresh spring blossoms. Enriched with strong mountain honey for more flavour. Packed in jars and in squeeze bottles (Dosi).

Its refined and elegant flavour is best appreciated in a cup of (herbal) tea, on fresh toast, soft cheeses, in yoghurt and light starters. To be stored closed in the cupboard at room temperature.

Solid honey

The familiar, mildly soft savoury honey with a full fruity summery taste. Belongs on every breakfast table. Frequently used in families on bread and in hot drinks. Storage: to be stored closed in the cupboard at room temperature. 

Packaged in typical jars with a wide opening for unrestrained joy.


Discover our delicious specialties. Be amazed by a mix of subtle and strong flavors and aromas.

The best of nature and the unique Meli quality, blended into a jar or squeeze bottle.


Enjoy the taste of Meli’s chocolate spread with the whole family. Thanks to the dark chocolate and Meli Honey used to make the spread, it has a very unique taste, loved by many. Perfect for breakfast or brunch!


At Meli, we know what connoisseurs want: impeccable quality and variety. These honeys are the fruit of our adventures in Europe discovering exciting regional honey specialties. Do you prefer the typical mild aromas or can honey be a bit more spicy? Discover which original honey fits you best.

These honeys are the fruit of our adventures discovering exciting regional honey specialties.

Royal jelly

This series of products is developed under the supervision of the association of pharmacists. The quality is guaranteed by your pharmacist.

Conservation: closed in a cupboard, with chamber temperature.

Honey sticks

Your natural sweetener. 
Packed in practical 8g portions. For at home or in your lunchbox. For your tea or your snack. Gives an energy boost while studying or sporting.

Filled honey waffles

A tasteful and authentic Meli specialty. These crispy honey waffles made with the finest butter and a soft filling made of Meli honey.

Delicious when served hot or cold. If you prefer it hot: place the waffle on top of a cup of hot coffee or pop it in the microwave for a moment.

Honey cake

Gingerbread with honey, prepared through natural fermentation for better baking and improved volume.

 Royal stands for “extra thick and soft”. Sugar stands for an extra layer of pearl sugar on top.

Bonbons with honey

Meli’s artisan honey candies are known for their full, intense flavour. The honey candies are available in three variations: classic honey candies, tangy honey candies with lemon and refreshing candies with eucalyptus.

Choose your favourite and enjoy.